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Operations &<br />Project Management

Working with Workmosis’ operations and project management professionals can help a business become more efficient, effective, and profitable.

Business operations vary according to business type, industry, size, and many other factors. For example, operations for a brick-and-mortar store will look different from operations for an online retailer. The former may need point of sale terminals to process purchases, while the latter may need e-commerce software and a website that provides electronic shopping cart services.

Business operations for most businesses fall into the following categories:

  • Process
  • Staffing
  • Location
  • Equipment and Technology

Workmosis offers comprehensive operational services that can help your organization assess and improve internal operations.

Processes are important because of their impact on productivity and efficiency. Undocumented processes can cost a business time and money via errors or inconsistencies. Our process creation and documentation services can help, by assisting in determining what processes are needed, and ensure that they are documented comprehensively and clearly.

Once a business is established, and particularly when growing, it is important to assess and analyze business operations to identify inefficiencies and avenues for improvement. Workmosis’ process analysis services will provide an inclusive report with comparisons to industry benchmarks and best practices that will help keep your business operations optimal.

The documented processes also help determine staffing requirements by providing the qualifications required to do the work outlined in the processes along with the number of staff needed. A small business might require a few people who are generalists, while a large company may need more people who are specialists. The resulting documentation also provides training material for new and existing staff.

Location importance applies to certain types of businesses more than to others, but it is always a factor in success. While a solo consultant might only need room for a desk at home, a legal firm will need a location with access for clients and proximity to legal venues. Evaluating your business needs assists in determining a location will allow your business to function effectively, provide access to necessary resources such as equipment, technology, or venues, and that it fits your plans for the future. Along these lines, our operational review service can provide an overview of those requirements and assist in evaluating locations to match them.

Workmosis’ project management service can help your organization complete your projects successfully. Whether internally or for a client, the ability to manage projects is critical for success. Workmosis can help manage your projects instead of letting the projects manage you. A large part of any projects is resource management, staff and time, along with equipment, materials, and finances. An important part of planning is aligning the right resources to the right tasks. Managing resources involves schedules and budgets for people, projects, equipment, and supplies.

As part of Workmosis’ project management services, we apply leveling and smoothing methodologies to maintain resources at a level that help avoid both shortages and excesses. Leveling is utilized to set start and finish dates so they mesh with resource availability, and smoothing assists in meeting specified deadlines while avoiding peaks and valleys of resources. The end goal is a constant use of resources over time.

At its simplest, operations and project management is about making sure that a company is using its talent and resources efficiently and effectively.

Workmosis will work with you to help identify what needs exist in your organization and how we can help build an action plan for your success.

Some of our operational and project management services are:

  • Process creation and implementation
  • Existing processes analysis
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial services
  • Technology and Equipment services