Analytics & Data Services

Analytics & Data Services

There is nothing more frustrating to a business owner or manager than having to decide whether data is accurate. Workmosis can help answer the age-old question "where did that information come from?" by employing a robust analytics solution. No matter how big or small your business is, analytics are a key component for growth and development. Workmosis can modernize your analytics with the latest technologies available on the cloud.

A common misconception of data analytics is that in order to successfully implement a powerful reporting structure, a company needs to invest in costly and wide-reaching data warehouses along with expensive capital such as servers and software licenses. All businesses have an opportunity to build a powerful analytics program without a huge monetary investment and then grow the program over time.

We help businesses gain competitive advantages and improve operational efficiencies by analyzing existing and new data. Our data and analytics services are two-fold, as both a strategic advisory offering and technology implementation to access powerful tools helping businesses further understand their data and capabilities.

If you are not sure how analytics can help your organization, or even if you have the right data to analyze, let Workmosis work with you to perform an initial assessment. Based on the assessment and the availability of data, we can deliver the framework of a strategy aimed at utilizing and further developing your organizations data.

Some of the Analytic and Data services Workmosis offers are:

  • Data & Database Architecture Design and Planning: Workmosis can work with you to develop a data architecture. Depending on the size and complexity of the resulting database, we can help develop a solution that fits your budget and data requirements.
  • Database Implementation - Build a database and input existing data, including the ability to maintain and update data manually or through automated processes.
  • Analytic Report Building – Single use or scheduled reports.
  • Flat data source to database conversion, such as spreadsheets, for easier reporting and analytics
  • Access or other small database to SQL Server Conversion
  • Data Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Services