Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Information Technology (IT) should be an asset to your organization, enabling its success. If IT issues are getting in the way and taking time away from the focus of your business, Workmosis can help. From hardware and software investments to designing complex technology solutions, we do it all, and can manage it for you too. Don’t let IT take up valuable time and resources that could be furthering your success.

Workmosis is built upon a foundation of personalized and responsive support for small to medium sized businesses and organizations. We would love to work with you in developing a technology infrastructure to enable your business to succeed. Workmosis offers review services covering architecture to business processes, providing you with a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure and how it’s used. The assessment helps identify opportunities for optimization of your technology investments to improve efficiency and drive growth.

Workmosis has a full range of services to enhance your technology capabilities:

  • Technology Infrastructure Review - Workmosis will review and evaluate your entire technology stack and provide comprehensive advice to improve your company’s technology utilization. Together, we assist in creating an information technology plan to work for your short and long-term goals.
  • Managed Services - Workmosis can manage and maintain all your IT services onsite or remotely, including server, network, database, and support services.
  • Remote Access - Now more than ever, businesses need to be resilient, enabling your staff to work remotely in a stable and safe manner. From VPNs, to Virtual Desktops, Workmosis can assist in providing access to the resources employees need in a secure environment.
  • Support Services - IT challenges with technology cost your business both in employee efficiency and monetarily. Workmosis offers support services to help with any computer related problems, whether it be assistance with network and PC issues, software support, or security issues.
  • Business Continuity - We work with you to ensure your business is operational during and after disasters. Workmosis can assist with all levels of business continuity from backup strategies to power management; we can be your resource for business resiliency.
  • Website Design - Workmosis can quickly construct a website to help build your brand. Even in the era of social media, websites are necessary to add legitimacy to your business. Workmosis will work with you to create a professional website at a fair price.

Think of Workmosis as your IT department. We will be your long-term partner, ensuring we understand what you need, when you need it and how to make it fit within your budget. We understand running a business is enough work without adding IT issues. We are the right solution to help your company succeed.

Electronic Document and Record Management - Manage information quickly and securely

Workmosis provides document and record management services to meet the needs of both government agencies and private businesses. Once in the system, the information can be securely accessed both remotely and in office, without the inefficiency of retrieval from physical storage. Additional benefits of electronic document and record management are:

  • Roles and responsibility security features can limit access down to a per document level.
  • Full audit trail from imaging to access.
  • Eliminates the need for physical storage of paper documents and records.
  • Workflow management to enhance business processes and operational efficiency.
  • Full lifecycle control to ensure access to information in compliance with retention policy.

Workmosis and its parent company have provided these services for over 25 years. Our expert staff is here to help; from defining an imaging project, to assisting in the implementation. Some of our electronic document and record management services are:

  • Imaging, indexing, and verification
  • Digital and hardcopy document storage
  • Data/document transfer including secure chain of custody
  • Data management including retrieval/extraction
  • Digital and hardcopy document distribution
  • Mail processing and delivery